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Creative Art

The use of a range of media in art lessons opens a world of creativity for all to enjoy. Being part of the local community and the 3-School Alliance, our best artwork is displayed at the annual Virginia Art Exhibition. Each of the classrooms as well as the display boards at the school entrance and on the corridors are beautifully decorated with the children’s artwork.



Music lessons take place in the specialised Music Room and are varied to include singing, movement and instrumental. The Grade 3 children all learn to play a percussion instrument and our Grade Three Choir performs in assembly and at local events.



A Cultural Evening, Talent Show and Grand Concert are held over a 3-year cycle to ensure that each child is given the opportunity to grow their confidence and explore their talents on stage. Children are also given the opportunity to speak during the weekly assemblies.

Every child participates in a Speech and Drama Festival every year which is adjudicated by the Speech and Drama Association of South Africa.


Weekly Assemblies

Our Assemblies are open to Parents and visitors and the children are regularly given an opportunity to perform on stage in Class Assemblies and Grade Award Certificate Assemblies where effort and progress is recognised.

Visiting Productions

The children experience great delight when they watch live musical and dramatic performances in the school hall.  It opens a window to a broader understanding of the cultural implications of “live performances”.  They contribute to an understanding of the work performed and the experiences help them to gain a deeper understanding of language and expressions.



Extra Mural Clubs

Extra-Mural Clubs
A variety of activities are offered across the grades which include Chess Club, Drama Club, Craft and Fine Motor Activities. All programmes are designed to expose the children to a wide range of experiences in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

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