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Virginia Preparatory School

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Christopher Robin


La Lucia Junior Primary

The Home of Rising Stars

Virginia Preparatory School

African Hearts, Global Minds

In 2001 a Memorandum of Agreement was entered into between Christopher Robin Pre-Primary School and La Lucia Junior Primary School in which it was agreed that although each school is autonomous, requiring parents to follow the designated application process, Christopher Robin would become the official feeder school to La Lucia Junior Primary School. La Lucia would therefore not offer Grade R as Christopher Robin would accommodate this age group.

In 2013, as it was ascertained that the majority of families followed this route, this agreement was extended to include Virginia Preparatory School allowing for a continuous ethos from Grade 000 to Grade 7 encompassing three schools. As a result, Christopher Robin provides a service to pre-primary children (Grades 000 to Grade R) in the Foundation Phase; La Lucia provides a service to junior primary children (Grades 1 to 3) in the Foundation Phase; and Virginia provides a service to primary school children (Grades 4 to 7) in the Intermediate and Senior Phases of education.

Whilst each school maintains its autonomy, as partner schools, the following benefits to the alliance are as follows:

  • all policies are aligned

  • principals sit on each other’s Governing Bodies

  • principals meet every six weeks to align policies and procedures and co-ordinate common ventures

  • the ethos of all three schools is in accordance with one another

  • staff meet and interact during the year

  • facilities and equipment are shared when required

  • participation of children in aspects of each other school’s educational, sporting and cultural events is encouraged

  • preference is given to children from one school moving on to another (provided that the child resides within the stipulated area and the application documentation has been returned within the stipulated time)

  • uniforms, or part thereof, are shared

  • detailed insight pertaining to the child’s progress is shared in the handover process between schools ensuring that continued care is shown in the progression of each individual child from Grade 000 to Grade 7

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