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Our aim is to encourage children to develop an enquiring mind and a love of learning. The passionate and dedicated teachers at La Lucia Junior Primary School ensure that the children spend a happy and productive day at school whilst following a structured curriculum which includes literacy, numeracy and life skills.


Our extensive Reading Room is a well-loved space where every child spends time with their teacher in an environment which fosters a love of reading and books and is at the heart of the school Reading Programme.


The numeracy programme centres around experience and the children are encouraged to solve problems whilst manipulating objects, before advancing to the more abstract concepts of the programme. The weekly timetable also includes Afrikaans, isiZulu, Physical Education, Music, Drama,

Art and Technology. We are privileged to have specialist teachers in each of these fields.

To ensure that no child is left behind, we opened the Victor Daitz Academic Support Unit with three smaller classes in 2015 for children who may require the comfort and security of a more intimate environment in order to establish the foundational skills so critical to all future learning. It is a  privileged to be able to offer this unique and additional opportunity for both parents and children.


The additional classes are designed to enable learners to attain a level of confidence, independence and ability which will allow them to feel secure in any future learning environment.


These classes have

  • The same quality educational programme within the existing LLJPS structure with our focus on the 3 R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic)

  • Access to all sporting, social, and artistic programs within the school

  • A more individual help/support and/or extension programme.


Reading and Writing is supported by a combination of phonetic programmes which have been adapted to best facilitate the Literacy Programme. We offer an Individualised Reading Programme allowing children to read and enjoy a wide range of books. Our staff are passionate about READING and believe that it is our responsibility not to just teach the children to read but to teach them to LOVE reading.



Various techniques are implemented to meet the different learning styles of our children when teaching Numeracy. Manipulation of objects and experience is vital before introducing the more abstract concepts in the curriculum.


Media Centre

The Media Centre is well-equipped to enhance the curriculum and children are taught referencing and research skills in weekly lessons. They also have the opportunity to borrow a new book each week. The centre is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and data projector making it a stimulating learning environment.


Reading Room

The Reading Room is the heart of the school reading programme. Our extensive Reading Room is a well-loved space where every child spends time with their teacher in an environment which fosters a love of reading and books.


Computer Centre

Computer lessons are part of our technology programme and allow the children to master basic computer skills under the guidance of a specialist teacher.


Academic Support Unit

C.S. Lewis said:

“There is no such thing as an ordinary individual.. All of us are extra-ordinary, but most of us just don’t know it”.

The unit accommodates Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and a Remedial Therapist in specialised rooms as well as a custom designed Sensory Gym to help children develop their motor skills.

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