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Welcome to the Home of Rising Stars

La Lucia Junior Primary School is a Foundation Phase School catering uniquely to Grades One, Two and Three. Our primary focus is the holistic development of each child in a safe and nurturing environment, whilst establishing the crucial foundation building blocks which are vital to all future learning.


We pride ourselves in being “The Home of Rising Stars”, a school where every child is valued for their uniqueness and given the opportunity to explore and start the journey to realising their potential as a valuable member of society.


A small school built on strong family values and traditions, we follow a structured academic programme which is designed to cater for the various needs of all our pupils. We strive for academic excellence whist giving the children an opportunity to explore their individual strengths, both in and out of the classroom by offering a wide variety of Cultural and Sporting activities. Our programme is supported by passionate and experienced staff and a supportive School Governing Body.

Situated in La Lucia, the four classes in each grade have an average of 25 children in each class. We also have three Academic Support Classes, one per grade with a maximum class size of 12 pupils. These classrooms are housed in the Victor Daitz Academic Support Unit which was established in 2015 and offers specially designed venues for onsite Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Remedial Therapy which is all undertaken by qualified Therapists.


We are a proud partner in the Three School Alliance with Christopher Robin Pre-Primary School and Virginia Preparatory School. The ultimate objective of this alliance is to sustain our schools as centres of educational excellence for future generations whilst ensuring continuity for our children within schools that share the same ethos and values.


Once you have explored our website, I encourage you to contact the school to make an appointment to come on a tour. We would love to show you our special school in action

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